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Ukjackson formally entered China

2017-12-16 16:18

The ukjackson team has long been focusing on the earth's greenhouse effect and low - carbon environmental action. The convening of the world climate conference in Copenhagen, more and more countries are participating in and promoting energy saving and emission reduction, and low carbon environmental protection. For example, the Chinese government has also announced the goal of greenhouse gas emissions: by 2020, carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP fell by 40% to 45% from 2010.

Ukjackson actively participates in the development of energy conservation and emission reduction in the world. In the environment of environmental materials, the use and sale of insulating rock wool, energy conservation and emission reduction programs, the provision and implementation of the continuous efforts and contributions. Help more public works, commercial office buildings, hotel schools, housing, and so on to complete the renovation and construction of energy saving materials. To improve the non flammability of buildings, to improve the thermal insulation of buildings, to reduce energy loss and carbon emissions.

According to the practical application scenario of rock wool materials, ukjackson rock wool products and solutions are mainly divided into five directions: external wall application, partition application, roof application, sandwich panel and industrial application. Ukjackson's China headquarters is in Shanghai, with offices in Beijing, Nanjing, Guangzhou and Chengdu, with core agents in other major cities.

Ukjackson is not only a rock wool producer in China, but also a provider of thermal insulation and noise reduction solutions. It is also a low - carbon environmentally-friendly practitioner and defender. With all their peers, customers create a more energy-efficient, healthier, and better green future.

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